Is Playing Video Games Beneficial?

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Almost everyone, everywhere has a hobby. While it is typical to find adults with the same hobbies they had during their childhood days there is also the likelihood that over time many adults would have switched hobbies. Reflecting on my life over the past three years made me realize that I’ve changed hobbies thrice due to relocation, accessibility and cost. Like me, many adults are now turning to video gaming as their preferred pastime, because of its distinctive features from other competing interests. With many hobbies to choose from to help combat stress, playing video games is a worthwhile hobby because, the player has the freedom to choose games based on personal values, it can be done indoors with or without company, it is inexpensive, and it keeps the body sufficiently active while guaranteeing fun. Today, for the video game hobbyist, there’ll be no disappointment when it comes to choosing games that reflect his/her personal values. Contrary to the beliefs of many people, not all video games promote violence, revenge and bloodshed. Some of the important values found in video gaming include, commitment, compassion, leadership, encouragement, intelligence, helpfulness and heroism. For example, the game, Walls of Jericho promotes leadership, intelligence, commitment, focus and heroism as the player strategically destroys Jericho’s walls to keep his followers following and happy. While a person could read a book or watch a movie about these values, it is not the same
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