Is Pop Culture Really Mean?

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Popular culture, better known as pop culture, is defined by many as the latest trends in society. If you ask members of today’s generation what pop culture is, you might get answers such as: Justin Bieber, The Wop dance, The Fault In Our Stars movie, and several others. Although, if you ask an older generation, you will get different responses from Michael Jackson and leg warmers to The Breakfast Club and all the trends that made up the 1980s. It brings up a valid question, what does pop culture really mean? Pop culture can mean many different things depending on who is defining it. According to sociology professor Tim Delaney (n.d.), “It is generally recognized as the vernacular or people’s culture that predominates in a society at a point in time” (p.5). Pop culture is dynamic; it changes as the desires of generations do, especially within the youth population.

Throughout the 80s decade, life was quickly changing and everything was new--new music, fashion, movies, and many other things made the 1980s one of the most unique decades of all.


In the 1980s, pop music was one of the most prominent genres of that decade’s culture. Many unknown but talented singers were making themselves known to the world such as: Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, and Whitney Houston. One of most influential upcoming pop stars was Michael Jackson. Music was a big part of Jackson’s childhood. His music career started when he was just 5 years old. He started singing in a band with…

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