Is Pop Star A Perfect Body Is Increasing?

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The pressure to have a perfect body is increasing. This means, more and more people are going to extreme lengths to achieve that thinner-more defined-fit-magazine-cover body. But that “perfect” body may not be all that it looks. That pop star may be Photoshopped or even had some “work” done. Even though, not all plastic surgeries involve silicone or saline implants, as they can be reconstructive, it is exactly what it sounds like: surgery. Some celebrities stand against plastic surgery and, the same goes for Photoshop. With plastic surgery and Photoshop comes scrutiny. The scrutiny isn’t just coming from health experts, but from Average Joe’s and Jane’s. The worst part is that it is being directed towards everyone. Celebrities are the face of a nation, the media is the pedestal, and the rest of the populations are the victims of ideal perfection.
Ever hear of looks can be deceiving? Just look at Barbie. She’s about a twenty-nine centimeter doll with a bust measurement of thirteen and a half centimeters, waist measurement of eight and a half centimeters, and hip measurement of twelve and a half centimeters. Even though that frame looks cute, perky, and “ideal,” life-size Barbie isn’t so “ideal.” If she were an actual person, she would suffer from an eating disorder and would undergo many plastic surgeries. Mainly because she would be five foot, nine inches tall, her bust would be thirty-six inches, waist would be eighteen inches, and hips would be thirty-three inches. Not to…
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