Is Privacy Law Trumps Telecommunication Law? Discuss?

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?Privacy law trumps telecommunication law? Discuss.

Answer: Telecommunication law content issues which raise privacy concerns are generally presumed to concern the protection of privacy information, and conversation between individuals. In case of telecommunication system call detail records, caller?s information, internet conversation details and many more are retained by government and commercial organisation for different legal and business purpose. When the data is retained by government then the data is stored from the telephone calls, email, visited website and, even, from data retention. In case of commercial data retention, the retention is usually occur on transaction, websites visited, users visited place and many more. However, this has been argued that to provide better service from telecommunication sector to the community, the private information is required to be monitor and collect. Sometimes, privacy is violated by security agencies due to the legitimate excuse. On the other hand, privacy is also violated by collecting and retaining personal information by business organisation for the business purpose and, in many cases, the users are not informed what is happening with them. However, in the essay, the discussion will be focused on the definition of privacy, protection of information privacy and data protection, privacy threat in Canada and United states, privacy violated by virtual networking system, privacy hampered by Radio Frequency

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