Is Privacy Possible in the Digital Age?

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Privacy and security (Initial essay)
When I think back one of firsts times I thought knowingly about privacy and security in my life at category of every data being stored and maybe later analyzed it was back my previous student days when one of my friend refused to pay with bank card in Alco-store. At that time it seemed to me really paranoiac and weird, but now I get his idea behind it. If one is a gambler for instance, it really isn’t very smart to pay with credit card in gambling-den. But at the other hand nobody can also blackmail you at basis of your sins which are known to everybody.
Is privacy possible in the digital age?
In current days one of the biggest and influential databases about private persons Facebook
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Furthermore if you don’t share info about yourself, others will – you get tagged in photos, info will be posted in your wall and all this is influencing and creating persons image. You could also say that persons Facebook-image is a result of collective collaboration. What is said or done as teenage could be found 30 years later and you can’t be sure that the viewer considers the time that has passed. Also it’s creepy to think that in future there is more and more literally dead people in social networks. Facebooks mortality arrangement
Social media is more and more used to make presumptions and decisions about people. If I get to know someone I will go to Google and try to find out what can be found instead of waiting how all info itself will arouse by time passing. It’s debatable if it is ethical to spy about people in social networks because behavioral patterns witnessed there belong more to private sphere. But if person is willingly giving away his rights to privacy? Also we seldom think of privacy issues when applying for “bonus” card to get 5% discount. It seems that sometimes people need to be protected against themselves and until there are no new and relevant social norms aroused, this is were policymakers should puzzle and offer solutions. Of course the balance is a key issue.
Person at viewer’s role has access to uploaded information at every moment and therefore he has

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