Is Prom Is Being Afraid?

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Prom is being afraid. Can you feel it? Can you feel the dread hovering over you like a cloud? It is following you. Each roll of thunder says, “It will not work”, “It will not be right”, “You are going to fail.” It rains a constant worry on you and flashes bright hot streaks of terror. You cannot afford the lavished things everyone else can. For you there will be no limo, no date, no fancy candlelit dinner, no magical slow dance, no adorable pictures, and barely even a group. When others talk about their decorative dresses, you think of how yours is from the clearance rack. Your shoes are the basic black ones you have had all year. Your mother will style your hair and your makeup will be non-existent. It is enough to make you not want to…show more content…
Your date is more of a close friend than anything which means no drama is to be had. When the night finally comes you are giddy and cannot sit still at dinner. You and your friends get silly pictures taken. There is laughter and fun all the way to the dancefloor, and it does not stop there. You walk in and go dance to your favorite music. In these moments there are no standards. You get to finally let loose and have fun. There is constant fun. From moment to moment you are beaming with energy and bliss. Between break dancing, running around, group dancing, dance-offs, getting low, karaoke battles, slow dancing, teasing your friends, and more awkward dancing, you do not have a shred of regret. You love your friends. You love being happy. You love dancing and singing. You love Prom. Prom is not cheap. Have you ever added up the total cost of all the materials you buy for Prom? It is expensive! Between buying a fancy dress, new shoes, new stylish makeup, paying for your hair-do, buying accessories, paying for dinner, the entrance fee, the pictures, and whatever other random junk you think you need, you are looking at several hundred dollars. All for one night. Why? I will tell you why. It is because the media and a long standing tradition have told you that you need these things, otherwise Prom will suck. Not everyone has that kind of money. This excludes those people from going, and puts a huge dent in your savings account. Hear me when I warn you that it does
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