Is Providence College A Liberal Arts College?

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Providence College is a liberal arts college, which consists of roughly four thousand undergraduate students, located in Providence, Rhode Island. One of the staples of the college has been the ability to live off-campus on Eaton Street starting in a student’s junior year. The attraction stems from most of the party scene on the weekends being at these houses on the streets bordering the campus. However, starting in the Fall of 2017, the school is implicating a new policy that juniors are required to live on campus. While the school is attempting to reduce disturbances in the surrounding community caused by partying college students, this housing restriction is only going to cause further issues for Providence College, its students, and…show more content…
Thus, this ideology cannot be a rebuttal from the school as to why students should deal with the space issue and understand the school’s decision to push forward with the new off-campus policy despite the lack of space. Fortunately, this issue of on campus space that immediately followed the application selections and choice to move juniors on campus is not an uncommon problem to have. Other schools’ policies that have developed from the same issue can be utilized or modified to fix the problem at Providence College. For example, Boston College, a school which we heavily associate with and look to be on the same level with regarding our academics, has a similar space issue. Demand for on campus housing is greater than the number of beds the college has, thus students are allowed to live off campus starting their sophomore year ( Most students live off campus their junior year and if they wish to stay on campus all 4 years they must apply for additional housing, which is not guaranteed. However, if students go off campus sophomore year then they must remain off junior year as well. While on campus housing was previously granted for all students for all 4 years with the assumption that some students will live off campus, the looming space issue that is going to impact students in the fall of 2017, a version of Boston College’s policy (let, or make, juniors and seniors live off campus) should be an

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