Is Psychology A Concept Or Theory Achieved Through Self Help Books?

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Psychology is a concept or theory attained through self-help book, self-help mentors, talk show and many more different useful methods. Many students enter this field of psychology with some knowledge. In the fall and winter of 1975 students in an introductory psychology class were given a test known as the “Test of misconception” students were asked to listen to each statement and answer them by answering true or false only, statements such as “To change people’s behaviors towards members of ethnic minority groups we must first change their attitudes.” (Vaughan) These practices use some mental strategies to improve ones over all well-being. “These particular misconceptions seem to have been effectively dispelled in this group of students. However 15 out of 23 items showed little change in either direction, despite the fact that most of them we dealt with materials dealt in books” (Vaughan) Common sense is using good judgment; that is only acquired through life experiences. The science of psychology used research and data to form theories. All three have the same common goal, a person’s well-being; they are just different methods on how to get there. In my analysis common misconceptions about Psychology is that there is a definite answer, but when dealing with humans nothing is specific or well defined because we are all emotional creatures. I believe this misconception exists because as humans believe there has to be an answer for everything, sometimes things are the way

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