Is Psychology A Science?

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The question that ‘psychology is a Science’ motivates a substantially critical debate amongst many professions, having very strong opinions. To come to a vigorous conclusion on this subject we must take into recognition both sides of the argument, what is science, and weather Psychology meets the principles of Science. In doing this the following essay will be debating the principles of science, the scientific unifying approach, poppers opinion on whether psychology is a science through his theory of falsification, and examples of past falsifiable psychology research. The further argument of weather psychology has been revolutionised by looking at Khun’s opinion, and Millers paper on the revolution of cognitive science.
Science its self is scientific methods being practiced to widen and construct a system of knowledge about our natural world, where Pseudoscience is all else that does not meet the principles of scientific method, but claims it is science. In order to conclude if psychology is a science it must be assessed what principles must be attained to be contemplated as science. Many would argue that Psychology is not a Science, for many reasons. The first being that all natural sciences have a unified approach, with Biology’s being the theory of Common Decent, Physics following the unified field theory and Chemistry following the theory of molecular bonding. Psychology lacks a unified approach, and instead has six different perspectives (Gilder, October 12, 2015). Does
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