Is Psychotherapy Based On Science?

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Is psychotherapy based on science? Is psychotherapy a science? What is psychotherapy? In psychotherapies, a trained therapist uses psychological techniques to assist someone seeking to overcome difficulties or achieve personal growth. (Book)There are at least 500 different types of psychotherapies. Being that there are so many, researchers often focus on the most frequently used approaches. These approaches are psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive and behavioral. Psychoanalytic therapy was the first major psychological therapy created by Sigmund Freud. Freud thought people could achieve healthier, less anxious living by releasing the energy they had previously devoted to id-ego-superego conflicts. The aim of Freud’s therapy was to bring patients repressed feelings into conscious awareness. By helping patients uncover hidden thoughts and feeling, the analyst could also give insight to the origins of their disorders. This new awareness could inspire them to take responsibility for their own growth. (411) Therapy techniques used included free association, dream analysis, and interpretation of instances of resistance and transference. Freud psychoanalytic therapy helped form the foundation for treating psychological disorders, mainly by influencing modern therapists working from the psychodynamic perspective. Psychodynamic therapist also aim to dig up their client’s pasts, but they don’t talk
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