Is Public Cell Phone Abuse A Matter Of Etiquette Or Ethics?

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1. Is public cell phone abuse a matter of etiquette or ethics or both? Why?

Using cell phone in public abuse both etiquette and ethics. We should remember that the cell phone is not the problem; it’s the user’s lack of respect for others and his/her bad manners. We may forget that everyone around us can hear every single word we say. Not only can what we say be misinterpreted, a steady stream of one-sided chatter will likely be annoying everyone around us.

2. How does etiquette differ from ethics?

Ethics refer to a set of moral principles that relates to the difference between good and bad, Ethics is a code for behaving in ways that are ethical, moral and justifiable.
Etiquette is a set of rules for making things go more smoothly. Etiquette
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