Is RMS Lusitania a Conspriacy or Not?

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Probably the most important incident happened on 7th May 1915 when the British passenger liner RMS Lusitania were sank by German U-20 led by Capitan Walther Schweiger with one torpedo hit and a second explosion triggered by coal dust and other explosives within 18 minutes. About a thousand people lost their life, among them about 100 Americans. Hence American protest were quite sharp and this incident dragged the United States into the war. However the incident itself contains some unexplained mysteries, such as being slowed down and abandoned by escorts in the war zone declared by German Empire. Thus, many people argue that the sink of RMS Lusitania is actually a conspiracy made by the British and American government instead of an accident. Personally however, I believe that it is a true accident. The reason is threefold: The structure of the lower deck is suspicious; the course of RMS Lusitania is fixed; the description of the sinking written by Capitan Walther Schweiger is trustworthy. First, while regarding the technical prints of RMS Lusitania’s lower deck, it is not hard to find where the boiler rooms are located. The second floor of the lower deck is almost fulfilled with giant boiler rooms, and they are surrounded with coal storages in order to load up coal and refuel the hungry coal-fired boilers. Beside the rear boiler rooms is where the cargos located. Coal dust is explosive, hence the explosion blast of the torpedo trigger a second wave of explosion, which

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