Is Rape A Deviant?

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1. In what ways is rape “deviant” or not in places where is it relatively common? Answer this question in terms of deviant roles and places, deviant acts and victims, formal and informal social controls, and the irony of social control.
Generally rape is considered a deviant act in the majority of the world. Especially in the most developed countries, where it is extensively condemn by the citizens as well as the laws. However, there are some places where rape is accepted as a simple fact, a daily occurrence, due to the poverty of the country and the lack of education in some cases. This behavior becomes so common that it is seen as less deviant than in other places like the United Stated, where laws are more strict and clear and harsher
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Seen it this way deviance is more the result of what society considers deviant than a consequence due to the quality of the act. He believes that deviance is a consequence of external judgments, or labels that are placed about the person, which modify the individual’s self-concept and change the way in which others respond to the labeled person.
Becker’s approach focuses on enforced rules; he views those that fallow the rules different from those that break them, and believes that those people who break the rules feel at odds with those who fallow them, felling like outsiders when they accept their deviant behavior. He said that when someone is given the label of a criminal, he or she might reject or accept that label and continue to commit crime. Those who reject the label can eventually accept it as it becomes better known and this stigma can lead to the amplification of the deviant behavior. The behavior can be amplified since based on this label; the individual becomes treated differently by those around them. The label will become internalized by the individual; in particular if the people surrounding the subject agrees with the label and that can influence the amplification of the behavior.
3.Why is there so much drug abuse on college campuses? Which of the following Perspectives provides the most insight into this problem, and why:
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