Is Recidivism Inevitable? Essay

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Prisons are intended not only to hold prisoners, but, also to rehabilitate them and turn them into productive members of society. Though it seems prisons are not doing their job correctly, most prisons, either due to budget constraints or corrupt officers, do not try to rehabilitate them. They serve their time and then are thrown back into the world worse criminals than before. The prison system, in its current form, is flawed. It is nearly impossible to truly rehabilitate someone after prison time. The prison system, as it is now, has existed for a long time. Only recently has it has it become flawed. Recidivism, or the tendency to relapse into a previous undesirable type of behavior, especially crime, rates are at their highest. …show more content…
This is because at the end of their sentence prisoners are thrown out into the real world with no help and with parole-based restrictions. Some places, however, are trying to help like Wisconsin’s “Windows to Work” programs. “Inmates participate in weekly group sessions, and develop a release plan with a coach, who will also help them after they are released” (Lawrence 20). This program gives them a much needed support system that is very important to their success out of the prison system. If other states began to adopt similar programs more prisoners may be able to rejoin society. Another problem is that people are not given the help they need to be rehabilitated. When someone is put into jail for a drug related charge they should be given help in the form of drug rehab. However since these inmates are not given any kind of assistance they are exposed to the inter-prison drug trade with no support to help them stay away. Prisoners also face the challenges of illiteracy. “nineteen percent of adult inmates are completely illiterate.” (Frolander-Ulf 114) These inmates should be given the opportunity to take classes that would help them to find jobs once they are released from the system thereby improving their lives in general. Yet another problem within the prison system is the general lack of education among the inmates. “Not only does education help in terms of helping incarcerated persons get on with life after prison… but it also makes life more
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