Is Recreational Therapy Is Based Off Of Recreational Exercises

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Rodney Tye
Dr. Michael Humphries
English 290
Unit 2 Assignment: forum Analysis Recreational Therapy is based off of recreational exercises which are meant to aid areas in which a client requires help. These areas can be health related, addiction, motivation, attitudes and social comfort. For all careers to be successful there must be competition which results in ideals being debated and exchanged. This exchange of beliefs and ideas leads to improvement. improvement is key when it comes to the health and wellbeing of a client of a recreational therapist. Information needs to be exchanged in order for the advancement of therapeutic recreation. In this analysis several forums will be discussed, topics are related to motivation, attitudes and social comfort of volunteers during therapeutic recreation programs, benefits of exercise/leisure activities and awareness of social anxiety and other disorders. The focus of forum number 1, titled Initial Investigation of Comfort Levels, Motivations, and Attitudes of Volunteers During Therapeutic Recreation Programs is about the hardships that individuals with disabilities are forced to overcome. The general public 's negative attitudes of individuals with disabilities continues to be a problem . Therefore it is wise for there to be recreation programs in the community in order to encourage or promote the development of integration between individuals with and without disabilities, the goal is to reduce negative attitudes
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