Is Refugee Camps And Detention Centers Play A Fundamental Role?

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Throughout the quarter we have traveled the globe contemplating the opposition between tradition and modernity, examining a vast transnational sociocultural system, observing borders and how they are produced and navigated, and spent a great deal of time looking at migration, immigration, refugees, and asylum seekers. As a result, a big part of the quarter was spent considering the enforcement institutions that make up the system of sovereign nation-states. Of great importance to us has been the ways in which these institutions drive and make possible the movement of people by classifying and managing them. In this essay I will argue that institutions such as refugee camps and detention centers play a fundamental role in the stripping of and recreation of identities. I will first examine the role of these institutions, next I will analyze the ways in which bodies are stripped of their identities and forced to take on new ones, and third, I will examine the ways in which individuals or groups of people pushback or resist these techniques of control and production of new identities(Kahn). In Steven Nachman’s article Wasted Lives: Tuberculosis and Other Health risks of Being Haitian in a U.S. Detention Camp, Nachman sets out to explore health issues affecting recently arrived Haitians in Florida. At the time, Miami, Florida had the highest rate of TB in the entire U.S. with a large amount of the affected being newly immigrated Haitians. This caused a concern that immigrants

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