Is Reincarnation A Life After Death?

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One of the biggest arguments that has been made is if there is life after death, which has been argued between different religions and beliefs. One example being Reincarnation and the Christian belief. What is reincarnation? It is the rebirth of the soul, like playing a game and restarting it over to make different choices. Reincarnation is something that, some people can not simply accept is even a possibility. Even if it has been proven by a world know psychiatrist, Ian Stevenson, others still doubt that it is a possibility and will come up with things to oppose or deflect the idea. Reincarnation is one of many theories that has been made, to prove whether there is a life after death or if it is all, in fact, a myth.
Possible Theory Many people believe that there is a possibility of life after death. Others would say that there is no such thing, that we just decompose and become energy so the earth can breath. Then there are some that will say, that there is only one of two places an individual can go and that is to heaven or to hell. None really considering that there might be yet another possibility, that reincarnation is a possible answer. It has also some scientific evidence and hundreds of cases around the world, showing that it is indeed a very strong possibility that the human soul can be reborn to start over again.

Research on Reincarnation.
Ian Stevenson, a world known psychiatrist, is known for his research on Reincarnation and near death studies. He…

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