Is Resorting Our Youth?

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Henry Maldonado
Criminology 262L
Professor Zaykowski
Resorting Our Youth Everyone is susceptible to crime, there is not one person living who has not committed a crime whether it is intentionally or not. From the very minor crimes like drinking under age; to much more serious crimes like murder people are guilty of it. Age plays a major role in all of this, the older you are the less likely you are to commit a crime; but the younger you are; say mid teens to young adulthood, the more likely it is that one is to commit a crime. But for those who get into the life of crime at an earlier age the easier it is to help save them. At a younger age young adults commit less serious crimes, such as drinking under age, trespassing, theft, minor shoplifting etc. The problem is that younger offender are being incarcerated for these petty crimes. In hopes of them learning that the life of crime just leads down a bad road. But by incarcerating them, society is blinded and they do not see that they are further escalating and encouraging our youth to continue to commit crimes. This affects not only the offenders but also those around them such as their families, friends, and community. Young adults start to act out and carry out small acts of defiance like stealing say food, clothes or even money. They may get caught and not only does it affect them but those who the act was committed against. There are many methods used to help youths get out of committing these petty crimes, one…
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