Is Schizophrenia A Chronic Mental Disease?

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Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disease of a sort which includes a disintegration in the relation between feeling, conduct, and thought. This leads to collapse discernment, wrong activities and emotions, withdrawal from reality and individual connections into dream and fancy, and a feeling of mental discontinuity.
Around the globe, about seven to eight thousand people develop schizophrenia at some point in their life. The incidence of schizophrenia and severe mental illness, in general, has increased from the late 1700s until about 1950 and then started to decrease in some areas of the world (Bagney et al., 2015). Schizophrenia occurs in all ethnic groups but is less severe in third world countries. It is also less common in those who grew up in rural areas or small towns. Schizophrenia develops from a variety of influences, but ideal candidates are at risk through genetics or the prenatal habitat, which are aggravated by difficulties later in life. The problem with stating it as a genetic cause is regarding why natural selection has not eliminated the gene responsible for schizophrenia. The neurodevelopmental theory states that schizophrenia has originated with nervous system damage that develops before a person is born or in initial childhood years which is caused by either genetics or early environment. Brain abnormalities appear in patients, who have schizophrenia, as having smaller than normal neurons and lesser than average synapses, especially in the…
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