Is Schizophrenia A Mental Illness?

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SCHIZOPHRENIA Kennya Castro Schizophrenia is a mental illness that plagues about 1 out of every 100 Americans. Despite this fact, most of the general public remains ignorant to the basic pathology of the disease and the mechanisms of identifying and treating it. It is considered by some to be a “scary” mental illness and is often ignored, when compared to the other equally serious and caustic ones like Generalized Anxiety Disorder (also referred to as GAD), ADHD, and Chronic Depression. This is illustrated by the mainstream media which is quick to romanticize the main character. They are written to have overt symptoms of the aforementioned diseases above and they do so without providing an ounce of fact to soften the blow or mitigate the damage that their works, being a topic of mass interest is presenting half-truths and paper tigers to an often young, uninformed, and highly impressionable global audience. This and much more causes the stigmatization of mental illness in general, especially those deemed “scary” and unpleasant” by the masses. The biopsychosocial model that views health in a more holistic fashion. Roughly speaking, it means that biology, psychology, and social interactions don’t just play individual mutually exclusive roles in the health of a person; it states that health, disease, and overall wellness doesn’t stem from one of things, but a combination. For example, patient A has type II diabetes, patient B has cancer of the lung, and patient C has an
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