Is Schizophrenia A Serious Mental Illness?

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What is schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness that interferes with a person’s ability to think clearly, manage emotions, make decisions and relate to others. It is a complex, long-term medical illness Affects about 1% of Americans. The average age of onset tends to be in the late teens to the early 20s for men, and the late 20s to early 30s for women. Patho We do not completely understand the patho of the disease however, Neuroimaging studies show differences between the brains of those with schizophrenia and those without this disorder. For example, the ventricles are somewhat larger, there is decreased brain volume in medial temporal areas, and changes are seen in the hippocampus. Abnormalities of the dopaminergic system are thought to exist in schizophrenia. Evidence suggests a role of central dopamine pathways in the pathophysiology of the disorder [16], as drugs that reduce dopamine levels diminish psychotic symptoms and drugs that increase dopamine levels exacerbate these symptoms (Arab, Elhawary, 2015) Positive Vs Negative symptoms Schizophrenia is associated with many different symptoms. There 's are classified into two categories; Positive symptoms and negative symptoms. Positive symptoms are usually more outward and are things that should not be there Hallucinations (Hearing, seeing, tasting, feeling, or smelling things that others do not experience ) Delusions (Believing that what other people are saying is not true ) And Disorganized
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