Is School Not Home?

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As the child snuggles into bed, his mother opens the worn-down book filled with vivid, colorful pictures. Words flow out her mouth one by one, and the child’s eyelids begin to meet; falling into a deep sleep. This is the scene of homes every night across the country, but it never was in my home. While reading to children at bedtime is beautiful, it is not part of my parents’ culture. It is not common to sit with your child and read to them. Reading was for school not home. School is where my literacy journey began, and the first chapter of its history started. Since then several chapters have been written of the rollercoaster course my literacy has gone through to stand where it is at now. When I started school, books finally made a presence in my life. My kindergarten teacher would place thin picture books in my shiny, pink book bag that was to be read at home. Once home, I would place the book on my dresser where all they did was collect dust for weeks until it was time to take back. I did not care for reading and no one at home was going to make me do it. However, the addition of reading and comprehension tests ignited my hatred of reading. Every so often my teacher would drag a table outside into the endless hallway ignoring the screeching sound it made as it traveled to the hallway. She would have a book on the table that you were to read out loud and in her hands was rubric filled with countless questions that she soon would ask. My heart would beat rapidly as I…
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