Is School Not Home?

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As the child snuggles into bed, his mother opens the worn-down book filled with vivid, colorful pictures. Words flow out her mouth one by one, and the child’s eyelids begin to meet; falling into a deep sleep. This is the scene of homes every night across the country, but it never was in my home. While reading to children at bedtime is beautiful, it is not part of my parents’ culture. It is not common to sit with your child and read to them. Reading was for school not home. School is where my literacy journey began, and the first chapter of its history started. Since then several chapters have been written of the rollercoaster course my literacy has gone through to stand where it is at now. When I started school, books finally made a…show more content…
Upon hearing my name, I reluctantly lugged my body outside dreading what was to come. Spanish had been the only language I had known and my English was miles away from the level of my peers.
Eventually, I caught up with my peers and going to the library became enjoyable. Reading the Junie B. Jones series further drove me into this transition. I couldn’t wait to get a hold of the next book. Every time the class would go to the library, I dashed excitedly to the right of the entrance where the books stood; stumbling along the way as I almost knocked down the plants. Passing my fingers along the bounded edge of the books, I scanned for ones I had not read. Once I obtained two, I headed straight ahead to the checkout counter, and once that was over I plopped down on the chairs nearby as I submerged myself into the book. Since this time period, I have liked reading. In those times where I nervously sat down for the reading comprehension test, I would never have imagined I would one day enjoy it. While reading in my life has been through highs and lows, I will never go back to hating it. Reading is an essential part of my being that cannot be changed.
On the other hand, writing had been on a downward slope since middle school. Writing had been tolerable and insignificant to me before. However, middle school flipped it 180 degrees. Not only did I hate writing assignments in my
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