Is School Nutrition A Contributor? Childhood Obesity?

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Question: Is school nutrition a major contributor to childhood obesity?
Date of Literature Review: October 2014
Inclusion Criteria • Age: school aged children (4-18 years old)
• Setting: Public and private school systems in the US.
• Health Status: Any
• Nutrition-Related Problem or Condition: Obese or overweight and consuming at least lunch in a school setting.
• Study Design Preference: Cross-sectional studies, large randomized observational studies, time series studies.
• Size of Study Groups: sample size must include at least three elementary, middle, or high schools that serve lunch meals to students.
• Study Drop-Out Rate: <30%
• Year Range: 2004-2014
• Authorship:
• Language: articles published in English
Exclusion Criteria • Age: infants/toddlers (<4 years old) or adults (>18 years old)
• Setting: outside of the public or private school system in US.
• Health Status: compromised health preventing adequate intake of nutrients.
• Nutrition-Related Problems or Condition: critical illness
• Study Design Preference:
• Size of Study Groups: < three schools in the study.
• Study Drop-Out Rate: >30%
• Year Range: prior to 2004
• Authorship:
• Language: non-English publishing.
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