Is School Nutrition A Contributor? Childhood Obesity?

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Methods Question: Is school nutrition a major contributor to childhood obesity? Date of Literature Review: October 2014 Inclusion Criteria • Age: school aged children (4-18 years old) • Setting: Public and private school systems in the US. • Health Status: Any • Nutrition-Related Problem or Condition: Obese or overweight and consuming at least lunch in a school setting. • Study Design Preference: Cross-sectional studies, large randomized observational studies, time series studies. • Size of Study Groups: sample size must include at least three elementary, middle, or high schools that serve lunch meals to students. • Study Drop-Out Rate: <30% • Year Range: 2004-2014 • Authorship: • Language: articles published in English Exclusion…show more content…
Feasibility of a home-based versus classroom-based nutrition intervention to reduce obesity and type 2 diabetes in Latino youth. Int J Pediatri Obes: IJPO: an official journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity. 2007; 2(1):22-30. • Focused more on individualized results. • Sample did not meet full criteria. Turner L, Slater SJ, Chaloupka FJ. Support for school-based obesity prevention efforts: Attitudes among administrators at nationally representative samples of US elementary schools. Childhood Obesity (Print). 2013; 9 (4):311-318. • Focused more on administrator’s perspective than effect on childhood nutrition and weight loss. Summary of articles identified to review: • Number of Primary Articles Identified from all sources: 15 • Total Number of Included Articles: 15 • Number of Articles Considered but Excluded: 2 • Total Number of Articles Considered: 17 Results Discussion Han-Markey et al 2012 found that after implementing local wellness policies for the Ann Arbor public schools district, there was an improvement in the content and use of beverage and food vending machines in public schools. This change resulted in a decrease in the total calories from beverages and a reduction in the simple
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