Is Science A Scientific Discipline? Essay

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Before understanding how psychology is a scientific discipline, one must understand how the basic foundations of science itself works. The purpose of science is to find logical explanations of natural phenomena rather than a simple, seemingly obvious answer. Another thing to acknowledge is the idea that science is exceedingly complex. Contrary to popular belief, science cannot be condensed into a strict linear process due to its tentative nature, so the scientific method is not a fixed set a rules a scientist follows to look for direct answers. Moreover, there are features of science that are addressed by a scientist in order to find valuable information after studying or observing the object that is being investigated. One essential feature of science is its use of systematic empiricism. Systematic empiricism differs from simple observations of the natural world due to its ability to support or deny theories, or possible explanations of natural phenomena. In other words, anything can be defined scientifically as long as it can be observed or studied, but it must also be able to provide outcomes that could give further knowledge on a theory to be considered systematic empiricism. However, this does not mean that simple observations are completely useless. The main issue with simple observations is that they are vague and therefore cannot give relevant information that could lead to a better understanding of a theory. Systematic empiricism is accompanied by another
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