Is Self Esteem A Good Thing

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Is Self-Esteem A Good Thing? Success is going toward your goals and accomplishing them with confidence in your own abilities. The overview of this essay is about how self-esteem is needed to accomplish something that you put yourself up to achieve. Even if people think that high self-esteem leads to narcissism, that is not always the case because self-esteem make a major part of an individual's choices and decisions.
The movements of self-esteem started since the 18th century, the reason behind it was because people were too worried about a place to stay and trying to feel accepted, this was around the wars and the Great Depression. So the person that started the self-esteem movement was David Hume, he showed the idea of how important it was to value and think well of yourself. As the time went on, in the 1960s, Seligman presented the idea of how he believed of the beauty of this definition is that it stresses two ingredients of self-esteem which have been present in debates about the concept ever since: namely, self-esteem includes the idea of “feeling good” and “doing well”. So it became “fashionable” during this century, that it was okay to tell people about seeing a therapist or psychologist. In the 1980s, the ‘ME’ phase came in as a thought that crime happened because of the cause of low esteem. So it was said that the movement to higher self-esteem, was to praise people, but it turned that it didn’t work since the crime rate increased. In the 1990s and the 2000s,

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