Is Serial Killing A Genetic?

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I am often baffled whenever I contemplate the existence serial killers. This is usually not in the pretext of hoping to become one but rather confounded by the question of why such people had to exist alongside normal humans. My main interest is in the psychology and the impetus behind the behavior of these atrocious characters. I am particularly perturbed by the fact that such people also entered this world in their innocent forms just like other naïve children, only to end up graduating into serial killers. Why would there be a subset of populace amid hundreds of millions of inhabitants of this world who just decide to become homicidal? Is there any unique phenomenon with their brain formation which psychiatrists are yet to unveil? Or is it a matter that is coupled with trauma entrenched in social factors? Anecdote
There has been an intriguing psychological debate about nature vs. nurture but not many have so far concurred with the facts revolving around the debate. The debate seeks to establish whether serial killing is a genetic trait or homicidal simply molds and shapes along the way as a result of assorted environmental factors. In searching for satisfactory answers to these perplexing queries, I tripped on an interesting link between serial killing and Asperger syndrome. Innumerable research activities have once suggested that the two are closely related thereby augmenting my curiosity of delving further in the subject.
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