Is Sexism Becoming A More Controversial Subject?

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In this day and age, sexism is becoming a more controversial subject. With gender roles being portrayed in the wrong way based off of gender stereotypes, there is a lot to be changed. This shows that individuals are deeply affected by the gender stereotypes explained in textbooks given to students to study from. There are many effects including, students are taught to think a certain way. Females are specifically affected because they are directly treated unfairly. Lastly, males have been shown to be more favored in classroom settings. With this in mind, people are genuinely affected by the gender stereotypes depicted in scientific textbooks, whether it is realized or not.
Throughout society there are several different occasions where individuals find themselves in a situation where they are treated differently from others. In many circumstances, discrimination occurs through gender stereotypes. Females especially find themselves victim to a lot of the gender stereotypes in this world. Gender stereotypes come through several different ways. One specific way is through the use of textbooks.
In Emily Martin’s article entitled, “The Egg and the Sperm”, she discusses the overwhelming amount of stereotypes depicted in a lot of public textbooks and journals against females. The main purpose of this article is to discredit a lot of biology texts that criticize and discriminate women. The overall point that Martin is trying to explain can be explained with this quote, “….the…
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