Is Sexism Still a Force in Our Culture?

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Is Sexism Still a Force in Our Culture? Sexism against women has been prevalent for hundreds of years, despite the fact that there is nothing inherently sexist about human existence, or that of other animals. In fact, there exist a number of animal species that are not sexist, and the sustained prevalence of sexism among humans is a topic that necessitates investigation. This paper examines sexism as it relates to contemporary culture, with particular emphasis paid to whether women have overcome the oppression that they lived with during preceding generations. Specifically, this paper begins with an examination of the different ways in which sexism manifests in today's culture, then discusses the specific ways in which sexism has been combated. Ultimately, it is argued that while substantial developments have been made in combating sexism, gender discrimination is still inextricably linked with culture. Sexism is still embedded in the fiber of contemporary culture. However, to further explore the ways in which sexism is intertwined with culture, it is first necessary to define culture. For the purposes of this investigation, culture refers to the corporate environment and forms of employment, as well as the different entertainment industries and canonical literary texts that are endorsed in schools and the greater society. Although not necessarily a product of culture, this paper also investigates the possibility that there is inherent sexism that manifests through
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