Is Sexual Education A Good Or Bad Idea?

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A teen girl walks from her bathroom with a gloomy look in her eyes. Her pregnancy test is positive. In today’s society sexual education is being taught less and teens are learning more about sexual intercourse from television instead of learning it from their parents and their schools. To prevent teen pregnancy parents should promote sexual education, contraception, and rely less on television teaching sex education. We cannot stop children from gaining their hormones but we can teach them how to protect themselves against teen pregnancies if we teach them about sex. Is sexual education a good or bad idea? According to National Survey of Family Growth, “Many sexually experienced teens (46% of males and 33% of females) do not receive formal instruction about contraception before they first have sex” (GutterMatch). As a recent graduate from high school I was taught nothing about sexual intercourse through the high school system. Also according to the National Survey of Family Growth. “About one in four adolescents aged 15-19 (23% of females and 28% of males) received abstinence education without receiving any instruction about birth control” (GutterMatch). McKay states “The United States continues to have one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the developed world (68 per 1,000 women)” (GutterMatch). The Alan Guttmacher Institute stated that “Louisiana state law does not require sexuality education. Schools are prohibited from distributing any contraceptive or in any way
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