Is Shanghai A City For Shopping?

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I was born and I was raised in Shanghai, China, so I should have known Shanghai very well. But when some of my friends came to Shanghai and asked me that where they should visit in Shanghai besides those famous places, and I can hardly answer these questions. In most people’s mind, Shanghai is a city for shopping, not for sightseeing, because the history of Shanghai is not very long, and most of the tourist attractions in Shanghai are quite new. Lately there are a few supernatural stories about some architectures in Shanghai. Although we can not define the truth of them, they have already made those buildings covered by a mysterious veil. These stories included the appearances, histories, origins, which were not mentioned before. Now more citizens and tourists pay attention to these places. These stories made this city much more magical, and they attracted more visitors at the same time. Recently there are many TV programmes such as ‘The Amazing Race’, ‘Running Man’, ‘Dad, Where Are We Going ’ on the screen. While these programmes were using little tasks to have competitions, they also made propaganda for those local tourism and they helped players and audiences understand the local culture at the same time. Not only the TV programmes, some new methods also offer small tasks to let tourists learn more about a city, a country, such as geocaching, a treasure hunt. In this essay, I will first discuss how supernatural influences human beings, and then present some examples
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