Is Sharing Personal Information a Good Idea?

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Sharing your personal information on social media site is not a good idea. Why? Due to the problems that have occurred, many people think that they can trust the internet and share their information when really they are wrong. Once people share their information on social media sites they are potentially inviting trouble for them, this would give another user a chance for stealing their information. However, the social media site can be used in a good way, with positive purpose. While there are risks in online social networking, there are also many potential benefits. Many people are passionate to participate on ‘social networks’ in order to express their ideas, on social media site such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and MSN (Windows Live Messenger). People think that it is a good idea to have a social networking site, because you can stay in touch with your dear ones. There are many social networking sites that are used for different reasons, where people can communicate with their family and friends or worldwide “Kids can gain confidence from interacting with other people online by sharing updates, photos, videos and messages”. [1) Parent Further]. Family members can stay connected even if they are not living together. In addition, it’s good to encourage positive relationships through various ways including internet. Moreover, many people are mistaken that they trust the internet, when really they can’t. They are not aware of the disadvantages of relying on the
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