Is Sloth Not A Common Problem?

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In this modern day, most people would look at the word, sloth, and immediately define it as laziness; but it takes our own willfulness to act as such. We might not see it that way, but sloth is not just doing nothing- or being lazy, no, sloth can and does happen when one is too busy doing a great many other tasks other that what we need to do- distraction a common problem in today’s society. We are too busy to focus on what matters because “our hectic lives are examples of the narcotic effect of acedia among us, the “spiritual morphine” that Norris wrote about. All this activity is a way of coping with pain” (Senkbeil, 2014). Sloth itself is a sort of neglect, it keeps one from their priorities, disguising itself as the great many other commitments that must be completed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Keeping busy, because they would otherwise be perceived as lazy or slothful is not the answer; “We are constantly busy; we can’t possibly be accused of being slothful or lazy” (Senkbeil)! But note that according to McMartin, “both laziness and workaholism can be potential symptoms of the deeper spiritual vice of acedia” (2013) but not sloth itself. “We miss opportunities because of wrong investment. This leads to emptiness (in our life, mind, and soul). Then it leads to consequence, which leads to excuses. We make excuses and give in to circumstance, which empowers our situation and disempowers us” (Gilligan, 2016)! Instead there must be a diligent effort to
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