Is Social Media And Technology Really Social?

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Is Social Media and Technology Really Social: Dark Sides of Technology Even though technology has linked people together by keeping people in touch with family, friends all the time through different sources, people pay more attention to their technological activities, lack valuable, real-life relationships with people around them, only associate with people who share the same interests, while they denigrate those who oppose their viewpoints and, lastly, people are losing communication skills because of it. Currently, a common belief is that technology makes people closer and linked, but people are paying more attention to their devices instead of noticing the world around them, which makes people more alone. At family gatherings, more people are beginning to use their cell phones instead of communicating face to face with their families. The truth is that people who are overusing technology do not see how they are perceived. While these people think, they are socializing through their cell phones, they are in fact losing their real-life relationships, causing a sense of loneliness. According to Julie Peterson “Characterized by the rapid expanse of liberalization, urbanization and globalization, loneliness is no longer a positive delicacy nevertheless, the boundless openness towards the world is making people more alone than ever.” Instead of people talking to cashiers or waitresses at stores, people are on their phones. As a rule, in many restaurants and businesses, a

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