Is Social Media 's Real Communication?

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In the article “Is Social Media Sabotaging Real Communication?”, Susan Tardanico discusses the negative affects social media is having on relationships today. Tardanico uses a personal story at the beginning of her article about a young girl who attempted suicide, but had text her mom a few hours before and seemed happy. She explains that social media is allowing people to act like someone they aren’t. Tardanico also mentions that social media has affected many business practices today. To conclude the article, she states six ways to keep communication real. These six ways are “address your issues, check yourself, acknowledge the challenge, don’t cop out, be aware of the say-do gap, and keep the communication two-way” (Tardanico 2-3). Social media is in fact ruining real relationships and Susan Tardanico explains it very well in her article. In the article, Tardanico presents many problems that come with social media. First, social media allows people to act like someone they really aren’t. Just because someone seems happy on social media doesn’t mean they are truly happy in real life, but they want people to believe that. Thomas White says in his article that, “these sites and apps allow us to choose an impressive filter for our lives, making boring exceptional and mediocre exciting” (White Huffington Post). On Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, there are many relationship goals, family goals, house goals, car goals, etc. allowing people to set unreal expectations for…
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