Essay on Is Social Networking Ruining Our Society?

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Social networking sites like Myspace, Twitter and Facebook have literally exploded in popularity in just a few short years. With more than 60 million active Facebook users and an average of 250,000 new registrations per day, it is evident that the world is turning to social networking. At the moment Australia is the fourth largest user of Facebook in the world and the phenomenon is only growing. Social networking is providing people of the world with an online community in which we can talk to our friends from all over the world simultaneously. Some debate that Facebook, and other social networking sites are undermining our ability to communicate and the use of such sites dehumanise what is an important part of community life and living…show more content…
The updates are available for the world or for your select group of followers to see. It gives you the ability to prattle on about your day, share links with the world or post photos of your Moroccan chicken casserole you had for dinner that night, all while feeling assured that the people who are "following" your posts really care. It’s a fun, ongoing conversation and definitely feeds the ego a bit. With over two hundred thousand active users per week and three million Twitter messages a day, the site allows the user to communicate to a large group of people with ease. Celebrities aren’t as unreachable as they once were, with fans easily being able to contact their favourite singers and actors with the possibility of even receiving a reply. Twitter has also helped boost brand recognition and also aids in promotion of television shows and new music. For instance, the character of Sue Sylvester on the comedy musical television show Glee, has her own very humorous Twitter account with updates such as “Health insurance is for the weak. I perform all my own medical procedures” and “Sylvester/Palin 2012”. Usage of the site has increased dramatically in the past year, with estimates of around three million active accounts in total. Sites like these do not just help us communicate with each other. There are many ways our lives and the world are improved by technology - and Twitter - like most
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