Is Society Somewhat And Blame For Performance Enhancing Drugs?

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Is society somewhat to blame for performance enhancing drugs?
To concur with William Moller I believe “we, the public, place the best athletes on pedestals.” (pg. 547) It 's no ones fault but the user for taking drugs but Moller in his article argues that society plays a part. The article makes the reader wonder if anyone can really help but take this one little drug that will move them much farther ahead. That even maybe it 's our fault for giving so much fame and attention to athletes that play well. The beginning of the article starts out by talking about Mollers own experiences with performance enhancing drugs. He talks about how the High School that he attended was very competitive and how “everyone wanted that spot at the top of the class”(pg. 545) Moller then goes on to explain about one day where he had been awake studying for 3 days and was tired beyond all belief decided to take Ritalin. At the time he wasn 't aware that was what he was taking but in the end was glad he did because he aced his test the next day. Though the pill came with side effects he decided that a good grade was worth it and took the pill a handful of times after that. Moller goes on to talk about how at the time he wasn 't worried about the law. Moller states “I was much more worried about the scholastic consequences if I were discovered abusing a prescription drug than the fact that I was breaking the law” (pg. 547)

The way that Moller introduces the topic gives a way to relate to the
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