Is Society Too Dependent On Computers / Phones?

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Sixty-eight percent of Americans own smartphones and forty-five percent have tablet computers. With the increasing accessibility of technology, more people are relying on it to accomplish everyday tasks. People have become so dependent on technology that they can not function or accomplish even the simplest of tasks without involving some sort of device. Not only are people becoming too reliant, but also addicted to a point in which they no longer feel a need to interact with others in real life. Daily, intellectuals are finding and creating new advancements in technology. Ignorant people may say that the advancements in technology are improving life, but the truth is that they are staging the world for disaster.
The world has become far
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As Harrison stated in the prior article, it is possible for the internet to disappear. Without the patient’s online files, the doctors and nurses are clueless of how to take care of their patients. One major reason devices are not dependable are because of hackers. Various hospitals’ files recently have been susceptible to hacking. Earlier this year a Methodist hospital in Kentucky was hacked and did not have access to their files for five days. The hospital was disordered and could not function efficiently. The dependency on technology is already starting to show horrible outcomes and circumstances. Despite occupations, the average person also depends far too much on technology. For example, most people in today’s world can not wake up in the morning without using a technological device. The article “Almost 60% of 16-34 year olds use a phone as their primary timepiece,” states that 48% of those ages 16-34 use a phone as an alarm. It has gotten to a point in which something so simple as waking up in the morning can not be accomplished without a phone being involved. People also depend on their phones for communication, directions, instructions, shopping, and answers. Humans have fallen deep into the hole of technology and they are continuing to dig themselves further and further down.
Technology is causing people to become introverts and addicted to their devices. Phones, especially, are a distraction.
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