Is Solar Power Energy Feasible? Essay

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Solar power energy Is solar power energy feasible in South Africa? I will be researching whether or not solar power is feasible in South Africa. In doing this research I will be researching what solar power is and how it can be harvested. I will be looking into if it is possible for the everyday South African to be able to afford this type of power and how it can be delivered to households around the country. In South Africa electricity has become expensive and unreliable. It is important that we start to look into other means of extracting electricity from the environment. It is a possibility that solar power can be this replacement at a cheaper rate and will be far more reliable. REVIEW OF LITERATURE Article 1 The author for this article is unknown. However this information comes from a website called EnviroTeach and when looking through the website the main focus is on the environment and “all about energy”. Unfortunately there is no date given for this article so I am not sure if it is recent. This article was written to inform people about solar power. It covers how solar power is produced, can be harvested, how it works, if it is renewable, the advantages and disadvantages of solar power as well as if solar power is feasible in South Africa which is related to my hypothesis. This article is not biased and gives both sides to using solar power energy.
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