Is Solidarity for Only White Women?

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The phrase “solidarity is for white women” emphasizes the limited amount of women in color who participates in academic debates related to female issues. However, this is ironic since solidarity means agreement among individuals with common interest. The phrase species white women even though minorities are the people excluded from the debate agreements. Allan G. Johnson would certainty say that the white women have the privilege in mainstream media. “What it does mean is that I’m also getting something that other people are denied, people who are like me in every respect for the social categories they belong to”. The phrase attempts to bridge the gap between the whites and minorities in mainstream women media.
Eduardo Bonilla- Silva,
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I would describe my father’s assumptions about gender as signs of oppression against me Frye views gender oppression as building barriers to restrain someone from mobility. A person could mold an individual based on what he/ she wants. My father has molded to be his perfect daughter. I have to dress properly to be characterized as a woman in his eyes; but if I am too proactive, he assume my intentions of having relations with a man. I have been confined in an insignificant space that restricts me from the real world. “It is perfectly obvious that the bird is surrounded by a network of systematically related barriers, no one of which would be the least hindurance to its flight, but which, by their relations to each other, are as confining as the sold walls of the dungen” ( Frye, Oppresion).
In the oppression passage, Fyre mentions that the female may be blocked from a “natural” or “physical” category. Based on my experience, the “natural” category is systematically reducing, molding, and immobilizing me from my father’s actions and phrases. Also Fyre explains the oppression from just being a woman in the world; she is attached to the any disadvantages and deprivations she suffers, either great or small. However, men are not the oppressed victims. The male gender provides good status, despite his race, class, or age. I always thought I was part of the non-oppressed people, in accordance to gender, in society. I now understand
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