Is Spanking Helpful?

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Have you ever wondered what spanking a child does for them in the future? Some people argue that spanking a child will teach them to be respectful, while others prefer to find a different way to discipline them. I did a survey on my coworkers and college classmates to see what their thoughts on spanking a child for disciplinary purposes were. Let me just point out that I work in a lumber yard, so most of the survey participants are males, but I was able to survey a few females as well. The majority of the people I surveyed agree that spanking a child will help them be more respectful towards others when they grow up. While spanking and being respectful is only a correlation, my survey shows that spanking could actually be the cause of people being respectful. I will prove this fact by explaining the results of the survey in different ways, such as comparing male and female results and listing the details of the participants’ personal spanking experiences. First off, let me start by saying that of the 21 people I surveyed, all of them had been spanked as a child, except for one. This shows that 95.2 percent of the people I surveyed were spanked as a disciplinary measure to teach them some lesson on how they should behave. Two participants, one male and one female, were also spanked simply because their parents were upset at someone, not necessarily them, or something. Considering that only 9.5 percent of the participants that were spanked got extra spankings when
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