Is Stress Necessary in Our Lives?

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Is Stress Necessary In Our Lives? Stress is a natural feeling that every person has had to cope with at some point in their life. Stress can be caused by a wide range of different reasons that differs with each person. Since stress is constantly changing there is no right or wrong answer when you say something is stressful. Stress can arise from frustration, an overload of work, life changes, and even uncertainty. The causes of stress can also result in many different symptoms. How an individual handles their stress either mental or physical may be the most important aspect of how beneficial or harmful it may be. In this paper I will present the origin, biology, different types of stress, causes, results, and how to deal with stress in everyday lives in order to live a better life with stress. The origin of stress has said to been around since man. Possibly back then it was the struggle of putting food on the table to survive as now it could range anywhere from writing a term paper to sealing the deal on a dream job. Stress has been integrated into everyone's daily life where there is always a certain amount of stress with us, but it becomes noticeable when that tipping point makes us feel "stressed". CSHS say that Hans Selye was the one to become credited with the term stress in 1936 from his seminal work “A Syndrome Produced by Diverse Nocuous Agents”. His work took the well known word stress that was often used in physics which described the force that

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