Is Suicide A More Present Danger Than Murder?

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We all have faced difficult situations that have evoked disturbingly negative thoughts. While many seek a therapeutic way of coping with the predicaments that they face, others turn to absurd forms of escape. Unfortunately, two destructive forms of escape are growing rampantly; homicides and suicides. According to the article Is Suicide a More Present Danger Than Murder?, it states that for every two homicides, three suicides occur (Radford). Even though it has been statistically shown that the national suicide rate is higher than the national homicide rate, these two issues are still equally daunting. It is possible that people who kill others and people that kill themselves share the same reasons for committing such acts. However, they each receive a different consequence in the end and each evoke a different reaction from the public. Although homicides and suicides are both extremely violent behaviors and can be caused by similar factors, each are perceived differently by society and affect different people in society.
People that plan a homicide are usually pushed to commit this act by an outside factor such as jealousy. According to the research article Incidence and Risk Factors of Homicides, it was concluded that most homicides occur within relationships (Panczack, et al 1). Break­ups or unstable relationships often drives a person to kill their partner because they cannot control their jealousy. These types of people often have a mentality that goes, “If I can’t
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