Is Surveillance Is Bad And Why We Should Be Wary Of It

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The 21st century had brought an infinite number of technological advancements whose purpose is to make the lives of new, developed world much more manageable. These digital technologies that have revolutionized our daily lives have also created minutely detailed records of those lives. As a society, we are not quite sure why surveillance is bad and why we should be wary of it. To an extent, the answer has to something to do with privacy, but we lack an understanding of what privacy really means in this context and why it matters. We have been able to live with this state of affairs, mostly because the threat of constant surveillance has been condemned to the idea as science fiction and a failed totalitarian state. These warnings,…show more content…
Because, in the past, they did not collect very much information, they only held on to it as long as necessary. When surveillance information was expensive to collect and store, companies made do with as little as possible. In the beginning, telephone companies only collected long-distance calling information because they needed it for billing purposes. Credit cards collected only the information about their customers ' transactions needed for billing. Stores hardly ever collected information about their customers, maybe some personal preference surveys or the name and address for advertising purposes. Even Google, in the beginning, collected far less information about its users than it does in the present day. With the increase in technology and the cost of data becoming cheaper, they were able to save more data and for a longer time. As bigger data analysis tools became more powerful, it became profitable for companies to save even more information. Today, almost everything is being saved by someone, somewhere, most like for forever. According to Bruce Schneier, Internet companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple collect everything we do online at their sites (Schneier, Bruce). Third-party cookies allow companies like these, and many others, to collect data on us wherever we are on the Internet. Cell phones are key in

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