Is Sustainability A Realistic Objective For Society?

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I have always found that statement to be rather odd when the very definition of the word means to reach a decision based on the information given to us, or what we witness. In everything we do, and through our daily actions, fact is that we are always measuring or making judgments from our own Point of Reference. Even when we are asked to answer the question: “Is Sustainability a realistic objective for society?” we may first make inferences and interpret the question from our specific point of view. But we may not all conclude the same findings because our inductive reasoning is what will direct our own conclusions (Butte College, n.d.). We may interpret everything in terms of our own cultural frame of reference. If we all have cell phones, does it mean we are all connected? And every time you see someone on a bike, does it automatically mean that person leads a sustainable lifestyle? Whatever side of this argument you identify yourself in, we can agree there is a need for more sustainable practices. In a perfect world, our values should not interfere with new information introduced in our lives, without first examining all elements of that initial introduction. But, let’s face it, we are a product what we have learned and experienced since infancy to our current orientation. Technology has afforded with so many wonderful things, but it has also created a highly temporal society; so we expect everything yesterday and fast. For example, we may not all agree on the theory
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