Is 'Sylvie' a Plot-Driven or a Character-Driven Story?

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Customer Sylvie is not a plot driven story. The happenings of this nouvelle has meaning only to the narrator. Once the reader sees there is no change in the circumtances of the narrator, one can further understand the nouvelle as being an exploration of time, space, and memory rather than an explanation of events. It all integrates and homogenizes to a point where it becomes blurred and that is where the drive to read comes from and is the most striking aspect of Sylvie. The time of writing took place around 1854, twenty years into the past events. The transitions between man, youth, and boy are done through the memory brought on by movement of space. A good example would be the narrator's voyage to Loisy and his resultant remembrance of similar childhood trips. Space to place and time to memory the links are crossed and uncrossed to deliver to the reader the sense of interconnectedness much like the brain of the narrator through returning to space and returning through youth. Time is hard to follow in Sylvie as years go by within a sentence or have the reverse effect where an evening can last a whole chapter. The significance of space and time is inherent in the comprehension of the three protagonists. None are well developed besides a physical description, yet each has it's own place in the story and become more than just simple characters. For the purposes of chapter 7, Adrienne the chaste nun who he obsesses over from the one kiss and dance they shared, represents

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