Essay about Is Taking a Gap Year a Good Idea?

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Lewis Carroll once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Being an up and coming high school graduate, there are many decisions to make. There are decisions on which colleges to choose from and also what classed to enlist in. Most of all, there is the ultimate decision on whether or not to attend college altogether. Although it is always easier to take the traditional route and enroll directly out of high school, there is also a troubling decision to wait a year before attending college. Out of all of the high school graduates in the country, there are 31.4% of high school graduates that do not attend college. Students who do not attend college directly out of high school will struggle to learn the…show more content…
Students could take a gap year to gain perspective on their life. During this time a person will have time to clarify career goals. This time is also gives students time to commit to what is most important to them. Which is the vest decision for them when it comes to their own future? Most students are not over the pressures of being a senior in high school. That’s why the gap year should be taken to release all the stresses of high school. Most students cannot take being stressed out so decide to wait. These students are not capable of attending college due to their mental stability. Being a college student directly from high school could take a great toll on a person physical and mental state.
This could also be the perfect time for students to generate funds for their college program. They will be able to focus on school without the troubling thought to how they will fund their schooling. All of their financial work will not be troubling to them because they took that gap year wisely. Personally it’s completely fine to take a year off. During this year there is so much that could be accomplished. The gap year gives the student time to adapt to the up and coming college surroundings in many ways.
There are many benefical reasons to why many high school students might wait a year before attending college. Many students might have distractions should as parental problems. Others might lack the

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