Is Teacher Tenure Worth Keeping

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According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ranking, the United States of America is considered mediocre in its educational performance. In a competitive world where average is just not adequate for the well-being of a nation, experts have theorized that to improve the country’s education our schools need to revaluate different factors of the education system. Some have even speculated these factors are the teacher’s tenure. In fact, some claim tenure is the reason why the United States’ education system quality is on its downward slope. In order for one to determine if the country’s education is suffering from tenure, one need to have a full understanding of its function and how teachers use tenure. One would also need to know the benefits of this contract by understanding how tenure relates to discrimination, academic freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of association, and freedom of religion. However, one would also need to have knowledge of the cons of teacher’s tenure by analyzing how the dance of the lemon’s policy and the reassignment centers do not allow teachers to improve and how much tenure can cost the school districts. In order to distinguish if the United States should allow a teacher to become subjects to tenure, one need to recognize the purpose and how that purpose is applied to teachers with tenure. The intention of tenure is to provide job security for teachers (Public Impact, 2011, p.3). For a teacher to earn the
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