Is Technology A Powerful Tool? Today 's Society?

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The Effects Overusing Technology Technology is a powerful tool in today’s society. Most people own some sort of technology and use it on a daily basis whether it be a cell phone, computer, GPS, or a tablet. Technology helps us in many different ways by being able to complete tasks easier, and be connected to people we cannot see daily. Text messages, emails, apps like Snapchat, Skype, or FaceTime help us stay connected to people far or near. There is an app for almost anything you need on most smartphones today. Wireless internet has allowed internet access to any phone, or computer in reach. Technology has helped us complete necessary online applications like college admission documents, scholarship forms, and even job applications…show more content…
Both these things are harmless; however, in naïve young people it can be a dangerous tool. Many kids today are not internet smart enough to know that whatever they put online is viewed by the world. Facebook and other social media websites are used by billions of people around the world. If a random stranger decided to start following, or talking through a public website majority of kids are not going to object, especially if the stranger is near their age. It is up to the adults to teach public safety in their homes. Kids hide behind computer, or phone screens, yet there are plenty of danger concerning these sites. Another problem in people in general is their obsession with technology. Wireless internet is now available at most places from coffee shops to malls, and even restaurants. This is nice when someone is needing something to do while waiting, or need to complete a task online while away from home. However, people today sit at a restaurant with friends, or family and instead of socializing they are looking at their phones while waiting on their food. Kids and adults today are busy in their phones to notice the people around them. Cell phones and social media have made a negative influence on socializing outside of a computer. Most people today walk around with their nose in their cell phone screens, or headphones in their ears to avoid anyone in the outside world. Not only are these affecting us
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