Is Technology A Technological Upbringing?

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A Technological Upbringing I stand on my feet with the intent to walk for the first time. Thankfully, my parents are there to help me stand... I looked as happy as any attention showered newborn could be, through a camera’s point of view at least. This month in Bloomfield, New Mexico, had been as eventful and exciting as ever. However, today there was yet another discharge of pride for my parents, but I did not know I was doing something so incredible. Suddenly I could speak; with the help of an unexpected aid, sending a sense of shock across my whole family tree. “He’s talking and walking now? He’s growing up so fast. We are all so proud,” my grandparents told my parents in a tone that seemed a slightly worried. My grandma had always worried about employing technology on children. There had been no evidence to show any repercussions of using online teaching websites, but she still could not trust it. I continued to learn more from the useful asset. My parents had never had much to boast about, and this month had just brought two huge conversation pieces. How on earth could I go from not mumbling a single word to asserting two in such a short period of time? Everyone wanted to see me before I augmented more, but it could never be arranged, and time was flying. Sitting on a clock’s hour hand was amazing. Looking at a computer screen, I watched the knowledge shoot into my mind. I felt like an adhesive and every small detail was sticking into my brain. I felt larger, more
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