Essay on Is Technology Constructive or Destructive?

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Where would this world be without technology? Debates have been made for many decades whether or not social networking and technology is producing a more etiquette economy or a more destructive one. Social Networking and technology is transforming this society in positive ways. Think about the Wright brothers. They had no technology whatsoever to back them up; they made creations with the bare resources that the earth gave them. Wilbur and Orville did not have computers to aid them in recording all of their data. Also, they did not have access to facilities that are used for “practice runs” of large experiments nowadays. The brothers conducted this undertaking with the respect that they only had so many resources they could use,…show more content…
A survey conducted by The Gallup Organization proves that the majority of Americans seek that today’s youth be taught the significance and importance of technology. Generally all ages agree that the teachings of technology relationships between technology and the economy are vital to students in high school especially. Seventy-six percent of Americans state that it is “very important” that students have knowledge and skills to apply technology (Lyons). Seventy-one percent think the students should understand the overall effect of technology on society. (Lyons). Sixty-eight percent say students ought to understand the relationship between technology and the environment (Lyons). Sixty-seven percent of those surveyed think it important to understand the relationship between technology and the economy. And finally, fifty-eight percent say that evaluating the pros and cons of specific technology uses is very important as well (Lyons). With this evolving universe, making it through life without technology would be like spinning a wheel of fortune with “Bankrupt” being 75% of the possible tiles the arrow could land on; it would not exactly seem appealing. To add to this topic, women are more likely to see technology as being equally important to education than men are. “Our studies have shown that younger people have better knowledge about technology, and they are less fearful of it than older people. But because of their longer
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